if u ever feel sad remember that robert englund once took a nap on the set of a nightmare on elm street in full freddy krueger makeup and when he woke up he looked straight into a mirror and scared the shit out of himself

this is the best story

1 and 16 :)

1. Favorite hobbit?
Bilbo Bilbo Bilbo Bilbo Bilbo Bilbo Bilbo Bilbo I love him to the sun and back he’s my baby forever and must be protected

16. Favorite object?
tHE MITHRIL sHI R t /runs off screaming and crying

For the LOTR/Hobbit ask: 9, 10, 17, and 22.


9. Least favorite villian?
I’mma go ahead and include movie-verses in with this and choose the Master of Laketown. This might change in the next movie, and I don’t even really dislike him I just???? I dunno he’s a very cookie-cutter, moustache-twirling villain and I just don’t find him that interesting. Stephen Fry playing the part’s his only saving grace.

10. Favorite weapon?
STING FOR SURE. It was my fave in the LotR stories, and even more so now that I’m all up in The Hobbit.

17. Favorite song from the soundtrack?
"The Breaking of the Fellowship", from the Fellowship soundtrack. It was on my iPod way before I even fell in love with LotR, and it’s prob got the most repeat plays hahah.

22. Most annoying character?
UHHH I DON’T??? Think I have one???? I can’t think of a single character I find annoying, I MEAN, I dunno other than the obvious ones like.. Alfrid??? and Denethor, and Wormtongue??? But even them I enjoy in their.. villainy or whatever sO YEAH I DON’T HAVE ONE.

so I got my first credit card today and I’m terrified of it lmao like I don’t spend money I do have wisely, let alone a fracking credit caRD d;lghajkf

and of course the second I got it I went and bought the fourth season of the walking dead aND ESSENTIALS THAT I AM OUT OF YANNO LIKE BREAD AND BATHROOM SHIT OK not just walking dead that was more of a treat because I’ve had $10 in my bank account for three weeks almost and it’s been killing me

but yeah ‘dlfhlskjdfh;kj I fear for myself lmao bUT here’s to hoping I don’t fuck it up

I'm just gonna put another nail in the coffin and say parks and rec is the best ahhhh! I had my friend watch it, and it does take a little bit for you to get really in love with the characters, but by the middle of the second season I was hooked! I hope you enjoy if you end up watching~

THANKS MAN, I’m totally floored by how many responses I got! Hahaha but now I’m super excited to start it!!

LOTR/The Hobbit Asks


Send me any number(s) and I will answer.

1. Favorite hobbit?
2. Favorite elf?
3. Favorite man/woman?
4. Favorite dwarf?
5. Favorite member of the fellowship?
6. Top 5 favorite locations?
7. Least favorite location?
8. Favorite villian?
9. Least favorite villian?
10. Favorite weapon?
11. Where would you live in middle earth?
12. Favorite friendship?
13. Favorite movie?
14. Favorite scene in elvish
15. Best dresser?
16. Favorite object?
17. Favorite song from the soundtrack?
18. Scene that makes you cry?
19. Scene that makes you laugh?
20. Funniest character?
21. Prettiest character?
22. Most annoying character?
23. Favorite overall scene?
24. Bravest character?
25. Character you’d like as your friend?


In which Thorin is actually Captain Jack Sparrow

for tygermama who asked for a Hobbit/PotC crossover c:

srsly watch it. its awesome. i second this recommendation

foURTH PERSON ok ok I’mma watch it soon I will you’ve all done your jobs bless u