Top 10 Non-Disney Animated Films

[6] . Cats Don’t Dance (1997)

As someone who loves animation, not only do I have an abundance of animated films that I love, but favorite styles of animation that’s been done in them. I have quite a few of those on my list, and this is definitely one of them. Nothing in this movie is still. Even during sad moments, there’s always a fluidity about everything. The squash and stretch is used to full effect and it’s all just so much fun to watch. It always makes me sad to think about how much of a financial failure this movie was when it came out because lord did these animators give it their all. Really, the animation alone is worth making it into my personal favorites. Now, the story’s definitely on the weaker side, but everything else makes up for it. The 1930’s Hollywood setting is done so well, putting you exactly into that era, no matter how fantastical they’ve made it. The artwork, imagery, all of the songs, everything is dedicated mind, body, and soul to that time period, and it all comes together as the beautiful love letter to it that it was meant to be. So all of that, plus the always wonderful message to children about judging people on where they come from and what they look like, and you’ve just got such an amazing movie. Definitely  one of the underrated animated gems.

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