Top 10 Non-Disney Animated Films

[1] . How to Train Your Dragon (2010)

So this list has some of the most loved animated movies ever, most of them with a ton of nostalgia factor, others with mass critical acclaim, aaand my number one is a CGI Dreamworks movie just over two years old. Those traits aren’t exactly celebrated among the more elite animation nerds. However, this movie is important to me on so many levels I don’t even know where to begin. In terms of Dreamworks, this was the movie to get me to realize all the negative feelings I held for this studio were just plain stupid. While Kung-Fu Panda was, I think, their first huge step up in quality, they just brought it to a whole new level and perfected it with How to Train Your Dragon. They’ve only been getting better since, like they finally realized what they’re doing right, and I love them a little more each year. I adore this movie for the same reason I love most Pixar movies, and that is that the heart is put at the forefront rather than the humor. A movie that touches me will always resonate more with me than one that made me laugh. So, top-notch emotional depth in every corner of this thing, unbelievably gorgeous animation, loveable characters, great humor, a beautiful soundtrack, and hey wow there is an actual climax to this movie longer than sixty seconds with an actual sense of danger and peril and do I even need to talk about Hiccup’s leg. How him and Toothless are both broken because of the other yet need each other to keep on going and that pretty much makes them two halves of a whole and they didn’t even need dialogue to portray this beautiful relationship it’s just all done in animation and have I mentioned how much I adore this movie? With all of my heart I adore it and it will always, always be special to me.

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