FINALLY GOT PICTURES AND ONE HOUR BEFORE HALLOWEEN IS OFFICIALLY OVER haAaaaaaAAA but so yeah, as I said before, my coworkers voted me to decorate our cafe windows in ParaNorman and I came up with this. I’m kind of.. not crazy about it? I just waited too long to start working on it because I way underestimated how much work it would be so I ended up rushing a lot of things, not fixing bits I should have, and the coloring could’ve been a lot nicer. As is though, I think I did okAY and I got a ton of compliments from employees and customers. I was a bit overwhelming ;n; I’ve never really had my art displayed in a huge place like that since probably high school so it was like alkhfdSLKJD. OH, and we won best decorated out of all of the departments in the club so AWWYEAHH. I am proud of them because I did work my ass for for five days straight and everyone else really loved them, I just wish I’d put more time in blehhh. Also Judge has yaoi hands come at me. 

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